Larry Ames, 4/1/09


I want to talk about the planned Willow Glen Spur Trail,

or, as we in the community call it, "the 3 Creeks Trail",

since the Greenprint shows it following an abandoned rail line

to connect the Los Gatos, Guadalupe, and Coyote Creek Trails;

extending 3 mi from Willow Glen, across center of SJ, to Kelley Park.

It also would tie into the Hwy 87 bike path near the Tamien CalTrain/Light Rail Station,

and it would tie into the Bay Area Ridge Trail at Kelley Park.


Last year, the City set up a Focus Group to work out the details.

I was the only member of the public at the table.


The Focus Group is currently drafting a letter, over Director Balagso's

signature, that basically restates Staff's starting position:

that the trail should only be built in WG, from the LG to Hwy 87

and that thereafter we should settle for only a bike-lane on Alma.

The reasons given:

•   cost

•   a couple mid-block crossings, and       

•   the land is industrial "and not pretty".

I have written a "Minority Report" (you have a copy) that addresses these issues.

•   I've briefed County and State representatives, who are supportive

(even financially);

•   there are engineering solutions to the technical issues; and

•   I believe the residents in Dist. 7 deserve recreational facilities

as much as those in WG do.


The industrial properties can be designed to embrace the trail,

with employee lunchroom patios opening out to it,

and employees can commute using CalTrain/VTA and the trail.


I don't expect the trail to be built anytime soon,

but I do hope that the City will act now to preserve the rail Right-of-Way

and protect it from being lost due to further development.


I ask to be agendized on a future Parks Cmsn mtg. so that I can present a more detailed briefing before you sign on to any of the Focus Group



Thank you