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The Christmas lights of Willow Glen

Halloween, with over 1,000 trick-or-treaters.

Europe in the fall, visiting both Norway and Barcelona Spain

We visit the redwoods with Liv’s brother and sister-in-law

Roadtrip to LA w/ sister to visit nephew

VivaCalleSJ street festival, May 2019

India, Feb & March 2019

grandkids come for Uncle Leif’s birthday

grandkids on a rainy Feb day: go to the museum!



Thanksgiving, and a ride on the Niles Canyon Train-of-Lights, Nov. 2018

Halloween, with over 1,100 trick-or-treaters.

Houston Texas, Oct. 2018

Norway and the women chemists’ reunion, Sept. 2018

Portland Oregon, July 2018

Ventura and the Channel Islands, April 2018

[and a presentation on the Los Gatos Creek Trail, May 2018.]



Grandsons Jules & Pasqual thru the year

various festivals and tours: Glenn Ave. Block Party, VivaCalleSJ, Dia de los Muertos, Day on the Bay, Coyote Meadows tour, Los Gatos Creek

Willow Glen Trestle “Redetermination” hearing in Sacramento, 10/27/17

Road trip, Houston to LA, Oct 2017

Big Sur bike ride, Sept. 2017

solar eclipse in northern Oregon, Aug, 2017

bike-ride, Scranton PA - NYC, plus a week exploring Manhattan (June-July 2017)

Willow Glen Trestle: celebration of listing on State Historic Register, June 2017

Hearing in Pasadena on the WG Trestle, May 2017

Cherry blossoms in Washington DC, with stops in Houston TX before & after (April 2017)

Valentine’s Day in Yosemite



Grandsons Jules and Pasqual thru the year


Liv’s whirlwind 5-Cousin tour of the Bay Area, Oct. 2016


Cruising down the Danube river,

            and visiting Norfolk England (August 2016)


The Fourth of July

Visiting my sister Margaret in Houston TX, (June 2016)

            and a retrospective on her late husband Dave.


Logan & John’s wedding, 6/19/16

The bathroom remodel (Sept 2015- Sept 2016)

            and Liv’s escape (April 2016: the Liv & Laura “Norwegian Wood” Tour)



grandson Jules

Halloween 2015

trip to Arizona and the Sahauro High School class reunion

Houston TX

Honored by San José Parks Foundation

Nature hikes near Ashland, Oregon

Liv’s Norway trip

Utah arches, hoodoos, and canyon-lands


link to NASA website on the DSCOVR (Triana) satellite, which I worked on in 1999.


Christmas in Willow Glen
Pinnacles National Park
bike-ride, Minneapolis to Milwaukee, and home via the California Zephyr
burrowing owls
Retirement Party from Lockheed Martin after 30 years
my talk at the Colloquium: “How to Become a Mad Scientist, in Two Easy Steps”

Christmas lights of Willow Glen
whale-watching in California
Europe: Denmark, Sweden, and Norway
biking: century around-the-bay; Mt. Hamilton; and SF with Liv
quest to save historic train trestle: photos and video
Niece’s wedding in Argentina

Around-the-Bay bike-ride (w/ coworker Jeff Green & his group, and Leif) & turn-by-turn instructions
bike-ride, Pittsburgh to Washington DC
camping in Death Valley with Michael Ellis

exploring the Pacific Northwest without a car

Italy & Norway

Napa Valley / Russian River bike ride
Odd’s 90th Birthday

Larry, Leif & coworker bike around Lake Tahoe, 2008
Arctic Cruise in winter

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Larry & Leif bike from LA to San Diego, 2007

Larry & Leif bike to LA, 2006

Halloween, 2005
Larry & Liv Bikeride thru New England, 2005
Wildflowers in Death Valley, 2005

Christmas 2004 photos:
Glenn Ave. Christmas trees street lights, 2004

family portrait, Christmas Eve, 2004

Christmas Day bike ride, 2004

Christmas Day Family Portrait, 2004

Larry’s Bikeride to Los Angeles, 2004:
click here for photo album of Larry's bike ride to Los Angeles (Aug. 2004)
(click here for map of bike route)

Trip to Europe, 2004:
click here for overall route map;

click here for Switzerland/Liechtenstein/Austria;
click here for England; and
click here for Norway.

Los Gatos Creek Urban Stream Restoration Project
photos: 1993-96
technical paper

Past-year Christmas Cards

and how they’re made

~the Ames family